Out of Character (OOC) Details

The Scouts Guild is a group of people within the Lorien Trust Roleplaying System. The Guild teaches many characters within this game skills, but also gives its players the chance to gain rank, have positions of responsibility and much more whilst enjoying playing out their role.

The Guild is run by four Non-Playing Characters (NPCs) who are assigned by the Lorien Trust. Each NPC of the guild has a position or several positions of responsibility within the game, and outside of the game also. This includes keeping things fun for the players, and planning bespoke events around the main season of events (typically around March time).

The current four NPCs of the Scouts Guild are as follows:

As to what they do within the Guild, that is for you to find out within the game...

Erdreja, the world in which the game is set, has many other guilds, and we often encourage players to sample a few of these, not only to learn new skills, but also to see what 'floats your boat' in-game. If you enjoy sneaking around in the dark, climbing over walls, spying on people, stealing valuables and fighting with a dagger, then step up to the front desk and introduce yourself.


These tokens not only grant access to the advanced sections of the Guild but also allow you to be designated rank dependant on the type of token you possess. The tokens are Bronze, Silver and Gold. Rumours among the lower ranks of a black token made of a strange material given to those guild members recognised for outstanding performance will be neither confirmed nor denied.

Those who do not join a department may work directly under the Grandmaster providing they show bronze tokens for at least 2 departments.

Some question the activities of the guild and its morals. Remember that fairness is key, everyone deserves their fate, whatever it may be for.

We will improve you; make you the best you can be. And in return we ask for your loyalty and service to better the Guild and its members.

A good scout obeys without question. A good master commands without doubt, we do not doubt

Will you obey?