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As the current Scouts Guild command are spread far and wide, there is no fixed address with which to get hold of us. Please use the email addresses below if you would like to make contact.

Just a while ago, we could have enjoyed our very forum, where visitors could have talked about their issues within Scouts Guild and share their ideas on how to behave or what to do next. This functionality worked as planned for a while but stopped acting correctly and we had to stop it until we can find another way to set it up. Bare with us, please. I hope the forum will be back shortly.


Beneath the halls of the main Guildhouses lies the archive of the Scouts Guild and all the information collected over the years resides there. Maps and reports from all over Erdreja have been collected, and some of them are available here.

You will find that some of the information is locked, and you must contact me should you wish to see more than the title as it may be sensitive.


Links to other leys that may be of interest. Please feel free to submit your own links if you wish and they will be considered for inclusion.

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