Please make yourself welcome in the Scouts Guild, enjoy our hospitality, but do not stray too far from the paths...

The Scouts Guild (often referred to simply as 'The Scouts') is spread across Erdreja in many Guildhouses. We provide many services to Factions and individuals including training, and more... specialist services.

All are welcome to join, so long as you have 2 Silver to spare and are able to fill in a form, or have someone fill it in for you. You just need to find us first, and if you have found this Ley, then you are well on the way to becoming a member of the Scouts Guild.

So welcome to the Guild Ley, feel free to stay a while, but take heed, the Scouts do not suffer fools lightly...


Welcome to Fairfax's halls, some of you have been here before in darker times, the others of you should be right to feel fearful. Our tests can be somewhat, dangerous... Today we are simply inducting you into the training programme.

However, never confuse kindness for trust. A lesson that will keep you alive and your first of many.

This cavern, among other places is used to train our Guild members to be the best they can be. You will find that we take skill and dedication to improving yourself very important. The Scouts Guild offer resources, useful to all people and factions on Erdreja.

For this reason we must always strive to be the best we can. Your training is not optional; to progress within our ranks tests must be passed. To ensure success, what is needed is supreme confidence and total devotion.

As you are well aware there are three distinct sections to the Scouts Guild. To be eligible to join one of these prestigious departments you must possess the relative token of achievement obtained through training exercises and tests. These tokens do not mean the master of that profession will accept you; they will invite you when they believe you are ready to progress

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